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Folio 18a


Item: a pyx, all gilded, of silver, with a crucifix,
St. Mary and St. John on top, and four red roses
about the glass on both sides, of the gift
of John de Shotesham, weighing 21 ounces,
lying in the box of "M" within the chest
of "I."

Item. a chrismatory, silver and partially gilded, weighing
24 ounces, with three angels bearing it up at
each corner, one gilded, their wings outstretched,
of the gift of [blank], standing in the
chest of "I."

Item: two pyxes of silver, and all gilded, with diverse and
many relics, of the gift of Richard
, alderman, whose name is written in
their feet, weighing [blank], of the which pyxes
the one has a cross of glass with a cross
of timber in it and four pearls and the
other a crucifix with St. Mary and St. John, they lie
in a green cover with "R" within the chest
of "I."

Item: a processional cross of silver and
gilt, with four knops engraved and enameled, his
name that gave it and in the top
six Apostles engraved and tabernacled, weighing
[blank]. And of the gift of Richard
, and standing in the corner next to the
cross in the lower vestry.

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Still uncertain of the following words -"knytting" -"pste" -"knoppis"