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Folio. 16b


Item. an altar cross with the crucifix, Our Lady and St. John with
three Evangelists in enamel at
every upper end one, and the twelve Apostles in
enamel at the lower, and with six writhing worms
between the Apostles and the knop of the
socket. And the cross itself is enameled in the
middle, with blue enamel and white roses both be
hind and in front, the rest gilded,
with a foot also to the same engraved with four
Evangelists, and three Prophets, with
the gospels and prophecies in seven quarters, and in the eighth
quarter St. Peter sitting in blue enamel, him
self white. And a man, woman,
and one child kneeling upon green enamel in front of
him, etc. And this cross stands in a box
made for it in the further
corner of the lower vestry by the jewel chest.
And this cross with the foot weighs 166
ounces. And [it is] of the gift of [blank].

Item. another altar cross, gilded, with a crucifix, without
Our Lady and St. John, but with four Evangelists at
the four ends in blue enamel. And under St.
, the twelve Apostles in blue enamel, them
selves white, and so the knop and the socket,
weighing [blank]. And it lies in a box framed for
it upon the chest with "P" in the lower vestry.

Item. a pair of candlesticks weighing
52 ounces, partially gilded,
with knops in the middle, with six faces engraved
in flowers, of the which one is in the chest
with "I," and the other stands out in the
lower vestry for burials.

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