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Chapter VII

Here you will hear the words that the king says, who is being held prisoner by the Saracens and about what are how these men liege do towards him, and if they do not do it, they are

If it happens through some mishap that the king be defeated at battle and that the Turcs take him and hold him as prisoner, and then it happens that the king has such parley with the Turcs that put to ransom at a set price and he asks the queen and his liege men that they pay the ransom and they cannot because they cannot find anyone to lend them so much, and the king agrees with the Turcs to grant them as hostage for him as many of his liege men and they will consider themselves paid.

Chapter 8

Here you will hear about the opinions regarding the king who is greatly indebt

If it so happens that because of a certain need of the kingdom or of his men, the king might have borrowed from a given Christian noblemen from this side of the sea so he has borrowed a large quantity of bezants and it should happen that the king does not have the means to pay his creditor, nor does he have a guarantee that he could give as security, that this wants to take, and the king promised to him by this faith that if he has not paid him at the term that was established between the two of them that he will deliver him as many of his liege men that he can as hostages, as surety for his land, so that he will consider himself paid. Raison Reason dictates that when the term is complete, if he (the king) does not have the means to pay nor guarantee to give that he is wishes to take, that the king can rightly render to him as many of his liegemen that he(the creditor) might consider himself paid, until such time as he might have paid the debt; and those liegement are required to remain imprisoned by

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Is this a physical prison? In prison/ as prisoner.


Is the ransom at a set price (pre-established) or is it a settled-upon price for the ransom?