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but it was now so long Since [they] We had heard
anything about them. We had Concluded that When
Brother Onas dyed that Spirit dyed with him. We
rejoyce now to hear it is not so, if our Brethren
know this they would never hurt these people,
this will be never very acceptable to ye six nations
we are now going there, and I shall hold fast
the Conversation w/ch [which] hath now past between us
& shall carry it straight to them when I come [to]
there [re crossed out] I shall open the whole to them, & when I relate
it, it will make their Hearts melt. This Principle
of Peace is Noble & what we greatly approve. Do You
steadily persue it & Such measures as will promote
Love between us and there is a great Spirit above
w/ch [which] will protect you.
The Severall Indians by their open candid behavior
show they were much pleas’d with this appto of
(their) Conversat.n. & there appears to us an Evidence of
Sincerity accompany it gave us much satisfaction
& being y Custom not to Enter too largely
on any subject at y/e first Conference. Conrad Weiser
withdrew & it was Concluded to take a further
appto: before they left y/e Town.

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