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Substance of an occasional Conversation with Severall
Indians after dinner at Isr: Pemberton; Philada: 19.4mo.1756
Scarroyada Abram. Farrington
Old Belt Joshua Dixson
Jonathan Isra. Pemberton
Mary Pemberton
Jonathan’s Son Owen Jones
Conrad Weiser Interpreters _ Anthony Benezett
Andrew Montour James Pemberton
Daniel Clauss

The Indians were informed that notwithstanding
the Chain of Friendship w/ch: had mutually subsisted
between us & them had been lately broke [with] by some
of their Brethren, we yet entertained a great regard & have
for the Indians, and we did not doubt but that there
were many yet remaing amongst them, who were
desirous of Living in the same Love & peace with us,
that we present & many others of our Friends made
profession of a Principle of Peace. & could not on any
acct. join in Warr.
To which Scarroyada reply’d
# That he was very glad to hear this Acct.
that they Lov’d that Peaceable Principle. & could wish
all mankind to be of the same mind, knowing it
would prevent any cause of differince or Contention
between them. & the English & take away y/e occasion
of Warr.
They were further told,
That Wm. Penn. in y/e first settlemt. of this Prov~:
took particular care to establish love & peace amongst
the Indians. Some of our forefathers were of his Councill
& assisted therein, and tho’. we [were] are not concern’d in y/e
management of affairs of Government. yet we observ’d with great

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