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Substance of an occasional Conversation with Severall Indians after dinner at Isr: Pemberton; Philada: 19.4mo.1756 Present Scarroyada Abram. Farrington Old Belt Joshua Dixson Jonathan Isra. Pemberton Mary Pemberton Jonathan’s Son Owen Jones Conrad Weiser Interpreters _ Anthony Benezett Andrew Montour James Pemberton Daniel Clauss

The Indians were informed that notwithstanding the Chain of Friendship w/ch: had mutually subsisted between us & them had been lately broke [with] by some of their Brethren, we yet entertained a great regard & have for the Indians, and we did not doubt but that there were many yet remaing amongst them, who were desirous of Living in the same Love & peace with us, that we present & many others of our Friends made profession of a Principle of Peace. & could not on any acct. join in Warr. To which Scarroyada reply’d # That he was very glad to hear this Acct. that they Lov’d that Peaceable Principle. & could wish all mankind to be of the same mind, knowing it would prevent any cause of differince or Contention between them. & the English & take away y/e occasion of Warr. They were further told, That Wm. Penn. in y/e first settlemt. of this Prov~: took particular care to establish love & peace amongst the Indians. Some of our forefathers were of his Councill & assisted therein, and tho’. we [were] are not concern’d in y/e management of affairs of Government. yet we observ’d with great

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with great concern the present uneasiness between the people of this Province & the Indians & were very desirous to know what could be the occasion thereof, there have been a great number of White People for some years past settled in this Province, who [crossed out] of different Principle from the first Settlers & perhaps thro' the misconduct of some Imprudent persons amongst them & the rashness of some their own Young Men there may have been occasion given on Each Side w/ch hath brought on so great a disturbance that their Cousins ye Delawares have been very cruell in murdering the Inhabitants & Laying waste the Country w/ch has greatly exaspe :rated the Governor. that a Warr against them was now declar'd & the people were determin'd to Revenge themselves upon them and yet there were a great Number of People who were of the same faith & Principles with their Brother Onas who had been dead Some years, [affected] [crossed out] & Could not go to Warr, who were nearly affected to observe such a breach of Friendship with the Indians & were very desirous of demonstrating the Sincerity of our Love towards them, by exerting our utmost endeavours to restore that peace & Harmony w/ch formerly Subsisted between us, to effect w/ch : we were not unwilling (as Onas was absent & we had not the Comand of his money) at our own espence & in our own persons, thro: the assistance of the Governor, who had been consulted on y/e occasion to go into their Country, or by any other method they should on consideration exercise to Scarroyada What hath been said to us present. I Suppose may be also intended for our Brethren of the Six nations & in their name I shall answer -- We have always maintained a great esteem for the memory of Onas who is dead, & for the People of this Province, we so have formerly been told they were such who were of the same [Spirit] [crossed out]/Heart with him & could not join in Warr

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but it was now so long Since [they] We had heard anything about them. We had Concluded that When Brother Onas dyed that Spirit dyed with him. We rejoyce now to hear it is not so, if our Brethren know this they would never hurt these people, this will be never very acceptable to ye six nations we are now going there, and I shall hold fast the Conversation w/ch [which] hath now past between us & shall carry it straight to them when I come [to] there [re crossed out] I shall open the whole to them, & when I relate it, it will make their Hearts melt. This Principle of Peace is Noble & what we greatly approve. Do You steadily persue it & Such measures as will promote Love between us and there is a great Spirit above w/ch [which] will protect you. The Severall Indians by their open candid behavior show they were much pleas’d with this appto of (their) Conversat.n. & there appears to us an Evidence of Sincerity accompany it gave us much satisfaction & being y Custom not to Enter too largely on any subject at y/e first Conference. Conrad Weiser withdrew & it was Concluded to take a further appto: before they left y/e Town.

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