BL Cronica di Pisa

BL 10017 Pisan Chronicle

Codex Aubin

Collected Manuscripts

Here we will store images of manuscripts that have come to us and which we would like to share.

Crusading Books

Texts related to books that went on crusade go here -- it begins with the Inventory of Count Eudes of Nevers, and may expand from there.

1 workOwned by Alisa

Hannah's MS

Hannah's MS

Independent Crusaders Project

Livre Saterian

Legal treatise from early 14th century Cyprus, written by some Hopitallers

Mancroft Inventory Project

Mancroft Inventory Project

Students from Professor Zachary Stewart's upper level Art History course, Medieval Desire and Devotion, will collaboratively transcribe the content of a late medieval inventory from the church of Norwich St Peter Mancroft.