FromThePage at Fordham

FromThePage is a system for preparing collaborative digital editions. For more information on hosting an edition project here, contact Laura Morreale ( or Ben Brumfield (

French of Outremer

The French of Outremer (FOO) Legal Texts Working Group is a team of nine scholars working together to examine and translate thirteenth-century legal texts written in French in the Holy Land. The project will start with three texts, including the Clef des Assises, the Livre of James of Ibelin, and the Livre of Geoffrey le Tor. With these texts, we will aim for three distinct products: 1. a translation into English, 2. an edition of that translation which will include comments, notes, and discussion linked directly into the translated text; and 3. a comment on the text, including an index and glossary. 

Codex Aubin

The Codex Aubin Project brings together scholars with linguistic, literary, and art historical expertise to produce a new translation of the Codex Aubin, a rare manuscript written in Nahuatl created between 1576 and 1609 by indigenous scribes in Mexico City and held by the British Museum (Am2006, Drg. 31219).